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on-board operating systems
Gecko PolyOS is an on-board operating system based on open source Harmony OS, which is a complete solution for digital intelligent vehicles. It provides safer and smarter software development, data connection, HMI and cloud service ecology to achieve a more efficient,comfortable and personalized driving experience.
More secure
operational control architecture
In the era of software-defined automobiles, automotive electronics have changed from EEA architecture, which serves electronics and electricity as the core functions, to CCA architecture, which takes computing and control as the core functions. Through the aero-garde architecture design concept, under the premise of ensuring safety, the cost of ECU and wiring harness can be greatly reduced.
More advanced
full fusion algorithm
Break the traditional functional boundary, experience intelligent driving control, achieve all-round mechanical decoupling, X,Y,Z dimension integration of active control, so as to provide users with more comfortable and personalized driving experience
More economical
electric drive assembly
Compared to permanent magnet synchronous motors of the same power level, it has the same efficiency, lower cost, and smaller size