Puppy autonomous commuting vehicle

Smart commuting

1.0 platform Custom development

Concurrent engineering based on split development concept to achieve rapid delivery

Won the iF Design Award

Winning the iF Design Award for its smooth lines, dynamic outlines and unique and personalized style, becoming the first driverless commuter car to win this award.

The 3rd Living Space

The advanced digital chassis adapted with L4 level autonomous driving technology makes the car an intelligent mobile space linking work and life. While ensuring driving safety and efficiency, passengers can enjoy more convenience and fun.

Serving all-scenario vehicle-road coordination

V2X vehicle-road coordination based on 5G technology meets the requirements of high reliability and low latency, can seamlessly connect with roadside equipment, and can work normally even in environments with weak networks or without GPS signal coverage run.

Basic dimensions

3696×1655×1942 mm


2750 mm



Maximum operating speed

25 km/h

Constant speed cruising range

275 km

Full load weight

1613.6 kg

Maximum power

30 kW

Maximum torque

127 N.m

Maximum gradeability

≥30 %