Revolution Universal Block Integration Kinetic
The upper and lower structure separation
Adopting the upper and lower body separation technology, and the chassis platform forms a complete functional area, which realizes the separation of design, development and verification of the chassis platform and upper body, thus reshaping the automobile research and development process and effectively reducing the OEM's investment in fixed assets , Improve the efficiency of research and development, manufacturing and supporting of the automobile industry.
The modular design
Evolvable motion control platform fully decouples the software and hardware, which can realize rapid software iteration, reduce the development cycle and cost of platform functions, and realize service-oriented design. Use multi-network, high-bandwidth, low-latency, multi-redundancy, and highly reliable network technologies to build a deterministic high-speed network architecture.
Advanced Software
The software adopts the latest technologies and methods to achieve efficient, reliable and satisfying functions, and has good maintainability and adaptability, and can cope with future technological changes and market demands.
Ultra-low-profile suspension
Adopting the original ultra-low-profile suspension to maximize the occupant space, and at the same time, it is compatible with coil spring, air spring and CDC technology; it can flexibly realize front-wheel steering, follow-up steering, and four-wheel full steering according to product positioning program etc.