Long-range intelligent logistics vehicle

superior performance

CLTC 305km ultra-long range: equipped with CATL's third-generation 41.86kWh lithium iron phosphate power battery, with a super-low drag coefficient of 0.36.

5.5-meter ultra-low turning radius: maneuverable even in narrow alleys.

Multiple authoritative awards: "Versatility Gold Award", "Best Range Award", "Best Power Performance Award", "Best Energy Efficiency Award", "2023 Top Recommended New Energy Logistics Vehicle"

large volume

7 cubic meters of spacious interior*: Additional 0.5 cubic meters in the passenger seat.

1.4-ton strong payload: The vehicle employs an integrated load-bearing body design, complemented by lightweight body frame structure, exceeding cargo capacity by 40% compared to similar models.

user-friendly design

Hidden B-pillar + sliding doors: Side opening reaches a maximum width of 1.5m, making it easier to load and unload large cargo.

595mm ultra-low cargo platform: Facilitates loading and unloading, making cargo handling more efficient.

Handy gear shift design: Convenient gear shifting, expanding central aisle space in the cabin.

intelligent cockpit

10-inch intelligent touchscreen: Supports functions such as map navigation, Himalaya (audio platform), cargo monitoring, car Bluetooth, OTA upgrades, etc.

Voice control: "Hello, xiaohu" wakes up 85% of the vehicle's system functions.

Reverse camera

Map navigation

Cargo monitoring

Smartphone intelligent assistant

Covering smart car connectivity, vehicle health diagnostics, fleet management, online showroom, car enthusiast community, after-sales appointment, and other IoT services.

Smart vehicle connectivity

Electronic fence

Historical trajectory

Allocation of operating rights

Exceptional Quality

Tested in extreme environments such as extreme cold and high-altitude plateaus:

Heihe at -35 degrees Celsius

Turpan at +45 degrees Celsius

Chongqing in humid and hot regions

Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau at an average altitude of 2,500 meters

Multi-angle display

High-gloss car paint

LED headlights

Large blank spaces


Length x Width x Height (mm): 4860x1750x1990
Rated Payload (kg): 1375
CLTC Range (km): 305
Battery Type: Lithium iron phosphate
Battery Capacity (kWh): 41.86/38.64
Cargo Volume (m3): 6.2
Side Loading Type: Hidden B-pillar + sliding doors
Side Door Opening Width (m): 1.5
Cargo Platform Height (mm): 595

* Under simulated testing, the total cargo and extended space of the EV48 can reach over 7 cubic meters.

* The illustration of the cargo compartment with sliding partition is for the European version, actual delivered products may vary by region.