EV48 Long-range Smart Logistics Vehicle

Deep customization, ultimate efficiency

Hidden B-pillar design

The side door opens up to 1.5 meters, bringing unprecedented convenience to the driver when loading and unloading cargo.

Minimalist Futurism

Following the concept of minimalism, unnecessary decorations and functions are removed, and the most practical and elegant elements are retained. The space layout of Jenhoo EV48 is also very reasonable, providing a spacious and comfortable riding space.

Smart Car Machine

Intelligent vehicle control, T-BOX, instrument cluster and central network are integrated into an intelligent voice system based on operational scenarios and a feature-rich cockpit system.


  • LengthxWidthxHeight(mm): 4860x1750x1990
  • Rated Load(kg): 1440
  • CLTC Range(km): 305
  • Battery Capacity(kWh): 41.86/38.64
  • Cargo Volume(m³): 6.2+1.1
  • Side Loading Format: Hidden B-pillar + Sliding Side Door
  • Side Door Opening(m): 1.5
  • Cargo Platform Height(mm): 595

Disclaimer: The cargo volume data is derived from drainage simulation test results. The pure cargo box size is 6.2 square meters, the passenger-side extension space is 1.1 square meters, with a total volume of 7.3 square meters.