Gecko Technology signed a strategic agreement with DST


Gecko Technology and DST have signed a strategic agreement to jointly develop the new energy commercial vehicle market and provide new energy commercial vehicles based on advanced digital chassis for business flow, logistics and urban distribution customers. The agreement was signed on December 29, 2022. The two parties expect to achieve the delivery of tens of thousands of units and jointly develop the application scenarios of new energy commercial vehicles.

Gecko Technology is famous for its advanced digital chassis technology, and its short development cycle, low cost, strong scalability, fast iteration and digitalization capabilities provide strong support for the development of new energy commercial vehicles. Tian Tian, Chief Financial Officer of DST, said, "We hope to work with Gecko to provide urban distribution new energy logistics vehicles with better full life cycle management to customers in urban distribution, not only to meet the distribution needs of efficient operation of the scene, but also to use better The delivery service helps customers expand their business more flexibly and improve quality and efficiency."

Based on its scene-based vehicle manufacturing experience of skateboard chassis, Gecko Technology has launched a variety of products, including self-developed vehicle-level multi-redundant pure wire control skateboard chassis. In addition, Gecko Technology has also developed a low-to-medium-speed L4+ unmanned vehicle "Puppy" for communities, parks and other scenarios on this basis, which will be delivered to customers in 2020 and will be operated in many places across the country.

In response to the national green development strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction, and Tianjins innovative mechanism of revealing the list and leading + milestones, Gecko Technology has deeply integrated Tianjins industry-university-research resources. ", and completed all the performance indicators determined by the national expert group and passed the test and acceptance of China Automotive Technology and Research Center. The car's automatic driving level reaches L4 (national standard HA) and above, and the application technology of high-efficiency solar film realizes pure solar drive. A large number of lightweight materials and processes are used to achieve a weight reduction of more than 50% compared with similar models. The wing system effectively increases the power generation area of solar thin-film cells. 16 advanced technologies such as aerospace-grade solar thin films have been appraised at the provincial and ministerial levels, and unique technologies and knowledge have been obtained more than 20 titles.