Gecko Auto Announces Completion of Pre-A Round of Financing of Hundreds of Millions of Yuan


Shenzhen Bihu New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bihu Automobile) announced that it has completed a Pre-A round of financing of several hundred million yuan, which will be used for Bihu Automobile's R&D investment in new energy commercial vehicles. This round of financing was led by Donghai Investment Control, followed by Shenzhen Pingshan District Industrial Capital Investment, Guohai Securities Investment, Particle Future Fund, Shuimu Chunjin Capital, Mingzhi Fund (LPs include Mingzhi Technology, Hang Lung Group, etc.), Shenzhen Bay Angel Phase III Fund (LPs include CIMC Vehicles, etc.), etc.

Gecko Automotive is a new energy commercial vehicle company with advanced digital chassis as its core. Based on modular, digital and ecological strategic platform technology, it provides forward-developed chassis and commercial vehicle products to OEMs and auto operators in the global automotive industry with new energy vehicle manufacturing and delivery capabilities.

In the early days of its establishment, it had a solution for a full-line controlled skateboard chassis and received investment and support from upstream and downstream of the industry chain, including CATL, Alte, Ground Metro, and Jitu.

Deeply cultivating the field of new energy commercial vehicles and focusing on various scenarios of the continuous development and evolution of logistics, Gecko Auto adheres to the concept of "market-centric" and insists on combining technological innovation with the advantages of the new energy industry chain. Through breakthrough innovations such as decoupling of upper and lower bodies, decoupling of software and hardware, and full-stack self-developed CCU, it quickly creates cost-controlled, scenario-friendly, and market-friendly intelligent commercial vehicles for global customers.

In July 2023, China's first forward-developed smart logistics vehicle, the Jiangling Jinhu EV48, was delivered to the market. Its full-load range, carrying capacity of the same size, intelligence for logistics scenarios, and TCO are far superior to market competitors. In October 2023, it entered the top ten of new energy microvans for the first time, and ranked sixth in November. At the same time, in November 2023, Gecko Automobile entered the top 10 sales of Chinese new energy commercial vehicle companies with a single model, and it is also the only new energy commercial vehicle new force enterprise in all lists. Customers currently being delivered include Ground Metro, Lalamove, China Post, SF Express, etc.

Currently under development are a general-purpose advanced digital chassis that can adapt to multiple scenarios and China's first automotive-grade new energy commercial vehicle equipped with a skateboard chassis, which will be mass-produced and delivered within 2024.

As of the closing of the Pre-A round of financing, Gecko Auto has accumulated nearly 200,000 related sales orders worldwide.

Peng Jinzhou, CEO of Gehu Auto, said: "The global new energy commercial vehicle market is booming. We welcome more upstream and downstream industry partners to join us and change the competitive environment of commercial vehicles. Through innovation, we can achieve technological cost reduction, product breakthroughs, and ecological innovation, create more and broader value, truly step onto the global stage, and embrace the modular, digital, and ecological future of new energy commercial vehicles."