Gecko Technology and IAT Auto jointly build the Rubik's Cube platform to lead the transformation of the automotive industry


As the biggest auto event of the year, the 20th Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition kicks off today. On this stage to showcase the latest achievements and future trends of the automotive industry, IAT Auto participated in the exhibition with a strong lineup, and at the same time released the cross-age high-speed intelligent digital vehicle platform RUBIK. Bring more possibilities to the automotive industry.

Rubik's cube platform · create the future
The RUBIK.X platform is an epoch-making intelligent digital skateboard chassis, which is composed of only 5 functional units. 17 types of advanced technologies, such as casting, wire-control chassis, CTC, ultra-high voltage, integrated thermal management, flat-line oil-cooled motor, SiC inverter, and central computing platform, can improve the efficiency of model development and manufacturing, and shorten the cycle of model development and verification , and reduce development investment and component costs.

The RUBIK.X platform is not only highly flexible and scalable, able to adapt to the needs of different levels and types of vehicles, but also has a high degree of intelligence and digital capabilities, enabling functions such as automatic driving, remote control, and OTA upgrades. The RUBIK.X platform also supports wireless charging and battery replacement modes, providing users with a more convenient and environmentally friendly travel mode.

Gecko Technology New Energy Vehicle Company——bring more possibilities for unbounded car manufacturing

Gecko Technology is an advanced digital chassis technology company with complete vehicle capabilities. It was established in February 2022. The founder and chairman Mr. Jiangfeng Liu is the former senior vice president of Huawei. The combination of Huawei's executives and IAT, a vehicle R&D company, gave birth to Gecko Technology - a new type of enterprise that is oriented to user needs and takes digital innovation as its core competitiveness.

Gecko Technology is committed to building the world's leading provider of intelligent digital skateboard chassis solutions, and based on this, builds an open and shared unbounded car-making ecosystem. Gecko Technology can not only provide high-quality and efficient skateboard chassis products and services to traditional vehicle manufacturers and new power brands, but also launch self-designed and customized vehicle products through its own brands or cooperative brands. Gecko Technology will continue to carry out cross-border cooperation with various industries and explore more innovative application scenarios in the field of transportation and travel.