Gecko Technology and CATL join hands to create a new energy vehicle skateboard chassis ecosystem


As an innovative company focusing on new energy vehicle skateboard chassis, Gecko Technology recently announced a strategic cooperation with CATL to jointly promote the development and application of skateboard chassis technology. It is reported that CATL is not only the leading investor of Gecko Technologys angel round of financing, but also provides it with a complete battery and battery replacement solution. In addition, Gecko Technology has also received investment and support from star companies such as IAT, DST, and JITU Group, which are founding shareholders, and will jointly empower Gecko Technology in terms of capital, technology, resources, brand, and market.

Skateboard chassis is an integrated integrated chassis architecture designed for electric vehicles. It integrates motors, batteries, electronic control, steering, braking, suspension and other systems into an independent chassis, and uses wire control technology to realize vehicle up and down decoupling. . In this way, its size and spatial structure can be adjusted freely, bringing the advantages of a chassis that can be used in multiple ways and reused. The skateboard chassis can shorten the development cycle and realize the decoupled development of the upper and lower car bodies.

Gecko Technology is the first company in China to focus on the research and development and production of skateboard chassis, with independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness. Mr.Jiangfeng Liu, the legal representative of Gecko Technology, said: "With the vigorous rise of China's new energy automobile industry, the market-oriented elements are getting higher and higher. The original automobile industry chain is centered on manufacturing, and will gradually turn to be user or market-centered. In the process of transformation, standardization, openness, interconnection and the rise of domestic supply chains are inevitable. We want to use the concept of the entire skateboard chassis to build an ecological circle of the domestic automobile industry chain. This is what we do for skateboard chassis. The original intention. Based on this, we hope to form a close cooperative relationship with more domestic emerging suppliers to jointly create a new ecosystem of standardized, modularized and open automotive supply chain with chassis as the carrier."

At present, Gecko Technology is also actively expanding overseas markets. Mr.Jinzhou Peng, CEO of Gecko Technology, said: "On the new energy vehicle track, the emerging domestic supply chain will play a decisive role in the international market. In this Chinese car will stand on the international stage in new energy vehicles. On the track, the emerging domestic supply chain will play a decisive role in the international market. In this era when Chinese automobiles will stand on the international stage, we hope that more partners will join us in ushering in the spring of the industry.