Gecko Auto's intelligent wide-body VAN debuts at the Beijing International Auto Show, promoting the development of global green logistics

On April 25, 2024, the first day of the Beijing Auto Show, the new commercial vehicle force Gecko Auto unveiled its new model, MagicWay. MagicWay is the first new energy commercial vehicle in China to be developed based on an advanced digital chassis (also known as a skateboard chassis). The vehicle is positioned as a smart cross-level wide-body VAN , and this debut is the first time it has unveiled its mystery.
Quanzhisu, debut
The Gecko All-Intelligent Speed ​​is a model for the global market, mainly designed for the urban logistics and scenario-based special vehicle markets. Commercial vehicles have always had problems such as multiple scenarios, fragmentation, and low intelligence. The Gecko All-Intelligent Speed ​​is built on a skateboard chassis and can quickly customize models based on scenarios. Its highly integrated system with hardware and software and an open ecosystem support the rapid development of scenario-specific applications. At the same time, due to the high integration of the skateboard chassis, the All-Intelligent Speed's loading space and driving space can be fully released.


Pioneering design leads the new trend of commercial vehicle appearance


The Gecko car has a unique exterior design with a distinctive sense of technology and avant-garde style. Its exterior lines are smooth, the A-pillar has a larger inclination, and the bullet-shaped design not only optimizes aerodynamic performance, but also reduces wind resistance and improves the vehicle's endurance performance.

In terms of detail processing, the Gecko car also demonstrates exquisite craftsmanship, taking into account both practicality and aesthetics. The design of the LED headlights is inspired by the gecko's tail, implying vigorous vitality, making the entire vehicle more visually recognizable and artistic.

The side adopts an outward swing door design, which avoids the visual interference of the side sliding rails of the car body compared to the traditional side sliding doors, and also makes it easier for passengers to get on and off the vehicle. This design is commonly seen in large buses.

In addition, Quanzhisu also provides semi-blind window, clear window and other models to the world, fully meeting the diverse needs of different users.


Cross-level loading, redefining wide-body VAN


The Quanzhisu has four different body sizes, with cargo volumes ranging from 7.1 to 11.1 cubic meters. Each size has excellent carrying capacity to meet the transportation needs of all scenarios.

It is worth mentioning that the Quanzhisu not only has a cargo box space and a cockpit space that surpasses its peers, but also has a load capacity that far exceeds that of commercial vehicles of the same size, reaching 1,787 kg. The 270-degree tailgate design is not only convenient for loading and unloading goods, but also improves the flexibility of the vehicle and effectively avoids bumps in narrow spaces.

In addition, the height of the cargo platform has been carefully optimized to only 495 mm, which is lower than that of similar vans, greatly reducing the difficulty of loading and unloading goods and significantly improving work efficiency. Thanks to the highly integrated skateboard chassis design, Quanzhisu reduces the height of the cargo platform while ensuring the ground clearance of the chassis, improving the vehicle's passability and providing more reliable support for cargo transportation.


Leapfrog intelligent system promotes the intelligentization of commercial vehicles


The Gecko Automotive All-Intelligent Speed ​​series uses the advanced self-developed Poly OS system, which realizes the full integration from the cloud to the user interface and then to the chassis electronic and electrical architecture. This innovative design enables All-Intelligent Speed ​​to easily meet the operational needs of various customers, jointly develop customized software applications for different scenarios, and even perform intelligent integration of hardware modification, and jointly explore more efficient operation methods with scenario owners.

In addition to the open smart ecosystem, Quanzhisu also has powerful smart configurations, including automatic assisted driving, voice control, large touch screen, car networking, remote control, fleet management, cargo box monitoring, etc. These intelligent configurations not only improve the convenience and safety of the vehicle, but also further improve the transportation efficiency and management level.


Cross-level security, all-round escort


The Gecko All-Intelligent Speed ​​is a safe and intelligent full-scenario commercial vehicle. Designed based on the E-NCAP gold standard, it has safety features such as multiple brake redundancy. At the same time, it also improves active safety through its intelligent real-time load estimation, intelligent overload prevention, and all-weather battery thermal monitoring.


Widely praised


At the scene, the Gekko Quanzhisu received enthusiastic feedback and attracted a large number of visitors. Domestic and foreign audiences praised this intelligent cross-level wide-body VAN.

Gecko Quanzhisu will be officially released globally in the second half of this year.


EV48 new upgrade, more powerful and smarter

At this exhibition, Gecko Auto also exhibited the newly upgraded Jinhu EV48 long-range smart logistics vehicle.

Since its release in August 2023, EV48 has been widely recognized by the market and won numerous awards for its long range, large space, large load capacity and intelligence. At this year's Beijing Auto Show, EV48 unveiled a new upgraded version. This upgrade focuses on three aspects:

  • Smart upgrade. The smarter App 2.0 adds multiple smart control functions such as electronic fences, historical tracks, and vehicle allocation rights, providing a more efficient tool for fleet and vehicle management.

  • Upgraded styling. The front grille color has been redesigned to make the EV48 look more impactful.

  • Space upgrade. EV48 has expanded its loading capacity by optimizing the details of the cargo box and driving space. Under simulation tests, the total volume of the EV48 cargo box and extended space can reach more than 7 cubic meters.

About Gecko Car

Gecko New Energy Vehicle is a new energy commercial vehicle company with advanced digital chassis as its core. Based on modular, digital and ecological strategic platform technology, it provides new energy vehicle manufacturing and delivery capabilities to global automotive industry OEMs and automotive operators, providing forward-developed chassis and commercial vehicle products. It is committed to becoming a leader in new global automotive manufacturing standards and working with global partners to contribute to a more comfortable, convenient, free, smart and sustainable green future.